The Programmatic Universe

Multi-Platform Programmatic Marketing Solution

The Programmatic Advertising Universe All In One Place

What if you could have access to the entire programmatic advertising universe through one solution with a specialist team cherry-picking the best bits to hit your KPIs.

Programmatic: Simplified

Programmatic marketing has never been more complicated. PRGRMTK brings you the best of what’s out there.

Scale At Speed

PRGRMTK is designed specifically to drive incremental and efficient revenue growth.

Devoted Account Managers

Our team of specialist optimisers work closely with you on everything from setup to optimisation and reporting.

Multi-Device Strategies

We find your customers wherever they are. Our vast inventory access covers all devices.


We actively manage your budget across all our programmatic partners pushing your budget to where optimal performance is found .

Future Proofed

We’re constantly growing our solution pulling in the best new technology and programmatic platforms.

Full-Funnel Optimisation

We optimise the purchase funnel end-to-end, utilising the best parts of each technology from prospecting to retargeting and conversion.

Monetise Social

Our social strategies are focused on hard business metrics such as revenue and ROI.

Transparency & Control

You will have access to your own account login showing up-to-date performance.

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PRGRMTK Technology

Developed in partnership with our DSP partners, it combines in excess of 10 years algorithm expertise into a single platform. PRGRMTK technology enables us to buy across our multiple platforms simultaneously cherry-picking the best bits of each, giving you scale at speed.


People are the key to strong performance. Our strategists plan and deliver programmatic advertising campaigns that make a real difference, whatever your KPIs. We are independent, we have no buying commitments or vested interest in a particular technology, leaving us free to make decisions solely focused on performance.

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