The Programmatic Universe All In One Place

PRGRMTK is plugged in to the programmatic display universe pulling all solutions together in one place. Our solution cherry-picks the best bits of each provider spending a little bit here and a little bit there to give you a proven, scaleable campaign – all targeted to a single KPI.

PRGRMTK: Simple, but Powerful.

At PRGRMTK we understand the programmatic landscape is complex and often incomprehensible. What’s more it’s changing and evolving every day. How do you know where to start?

We clear all that up for you. We provide brands with highly effective KPI-focused programmatic marketing campaigns. Our multi-platform approach pulls all the programmatic solutions in one place meaning we have access to the entire programmatic universe at our fingertips.

PRGRMTK doesn’t run on technology alone. We have a team of specialist optimisers who are constantly managing and optimising your campaign across multiple platforms, moving your budget to the places where it will be the most effective.

Experience and Expertise

We have a team of account managers who take care of the day-to-day analysis and performance management. They are experts at analysing where the budget is being spent efficiently and optimising to scale your display and social channels. We monitor and optimise your activity across:

  • Budget portioning and flow across our bespoke algorithm mix
  • Using demographic reasoning to influence how budgets are controlled
  • Management of budget efficiency identifying gaps and adjusting accordingly
  • Creative testing and optimisation to perfect your sales messaging

Delivering customers incremental sales, at scale.

Our unique aggregation approach allows us to quickly and simply devise, configure and activate any number of RTB solutions an approach that will find you more valuable customers (and we can prove it).

We use a variety of prospecting and retargeting techniques to find you new valuable customers that a single RTB provider (who on the face of it appear to be the same) would miss. PRGRMTK enables full coverage across  Mobile & Tablet, Desktop or Facebook, Twitter, YouTube.

PRGRMTK’s proprietary methodology means that finding the largest number of customers likely to convert, at any given time, is easier than ever before.

PRGRMTK’s unrivalled access means we can deliver campaigns using a multitude of channels and creative solutions, across all devices. We’re always expanding our platform partners meaning you will never be left behind.


Mobile & Tablet Display
Mobile In-App
Audio Streaming & Digital Radio


Smart TV


HTML5 Banners
Dynamic Creative
Interactive Rich Media
Targeted Creative


TV Sync
Geo & IP

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