Adding Value

Programmatic isn’t just about technology, our team’s expertise and approach to client service is just as important. We believe in building close working relationships with our clients, so we can deliver a strategy that is completely aligned to your business goals with a transparent and rigorous approach to optimisation.

Devoted Account Managers

Our success has been driven by our expertise in managing budget effectively. PRGRMTK will assign you with a dedicated account manager who will lovingly manage your activity, looking after your budget, as if it was their own. Our specialist agreements with inventory providers means as a PRGRMTK customer you are always protected against wasted spend. We’re fully transparent when it comes to how your marketing budget is performing. Your account manager will keep you up-to-date on your campaign’s performance. You will also have  your very own interactive dashboard showing reports and data insights to inform other marketing decisions.

Moreover, your specialist account manager is also responsible for your optimisation. They’re the person who is managing the day to day optimisation and developing your strategy, with the help of our senior team against your KPIs.

Live Analytics

Our clients have live access to performance of their activity through our interactive dashboard. You can see where and how your customers are converting as well as receiving live insights into the performance of creative and social. 

Optimise Creative and Messaging – we are always testing

Small subtle changes to messaging, call to action and imagery can have big impacts on the engagement and interaction with your ads. We run extensive ad testing through targeted towards ROI or CPA to ensure we’re getting engagements that matter. We test three different messages simultaneously, pushing budget to the messages that are working. We’ll provide feedback on the best performing creatives in our weekly reports and recommend new messages to test to further improve campaign performance.

Integrated Channel Optimisation

Our sister agency Fused7 are a digital strategy agency, who help businesses efficiently grow their digital acquisition. They are expert at building and executing multi-channel digital strategies across PPC, SEO, display and social.

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