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The world of display advertising moves at a rapid rate, and there have been numerous changes to the ecosystem over the past twenty years. The current market is efficient and diverse, and while this means there are fantastic opportunities for specific targeting across multiple platforms, it also means that competition is higher than ever. An understanding of how digital advertising has evolved can help marketers make the right decisions to ensure campaigns have the best possible chance of success.

20 Years Ago

In 1995, the internet was becoming more accessible, but it looked a lot different to how it does today! Check out this flashback to see what email, browsers and websites looked like back in 1995. Twenty years ago, the digital advertising model was very simple, with advertisers and agencies purchasing impressions in advance, direct from web publishers.

18 Years Ago

With vast quantities of inventory going unsold, the “Ad Network” emerged in 1997 to curb this inefficiency. Although enabling better targeting capability, more and more ad networks started entering the market, each trading in different ways. This made buying and selling increasingly complex for advertisers and publishers.

10 Years Ago

The demand for improved efficiency in the digital marketplace led to two crucial developments in 2005. The introduction of the “Ad Exchange” and “Real-Time Bidding” were pivotal in streamlining the display advertising model.

7 Years Ago

In 2008, Demand Side Platforms and Supply Side Platforms were introduced to further improve efficiency, eradicating the issue of duplication and optimising price points.

Today and the Future

Currently, advertisers can benefit from the ultimate approach to digital marketing that truly raises the bar for the future. Find out more about the evolution of display advertising and how to harness an optimum strategy through PRGRMTK by reading our fun infographic.


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