Incremental value delivered by PRGRMTK compared with running against one DSP.

PRGRMTK has generate 86% increase in incremental sales compared with running against one DSP.


Zaggora – a calorie burning active wear client have a vibrant and strong social media base. They were running an in-house native Facebook activity where they were not able to scale with efficiency.


Initial analysis revealed that Zaggora were not reaching all the addressable impressions for their target market and thus missing out on sales. Confined to the data provided by Facebook’s social graph they had limited or no insights on their users’ behaviours beyond Facebook. Using PRGRMTK’s 3rd party data overlay to prospect and find new look-alikes we were able to uncover and reach almost double the amount of customers they were reaching with efficiency.


We grew Zaggora’s revenue by 87% on top of their existing campaigns within 3 months. We were also able to reach 4X more users via this expanded display activity.